• Who are we?

Suto Homes is a family owned real estate solutions company. We buy all types of houses from nice to ugly and specialize in buying them fast for cash. We can also take over payments and owner finance.

    • What Sort of Houses does Suto Homes Buy?

Suto Homes buys houses in any condition, in any price range or any situation. We buy houses as-is so you are not burdened with making repairs.

    • What is meant by any condition or situation?

Even if your house is about to fall down, is over-leveraged, has liens, back taxes owed Suto Homes will buy it as-is and get those debts off your back.

    • What if I owe more than my house is worth?

In many cases we can pay you cash and take over payments.

    • What will your services cost me?

Not one dime! Suto Homes does not charge a fee to make you an offer or charge you a commission if we buy your house.

    • Am I under any obligation?

No. Suto Homes will review your property and make you an offer. You then accept or reject the offer.

    • Will you pay me a referral fee if I find Suto Homes another house to buy?

Yes! We will pay you $1,000 dollars cash if you refer someone else to Suto Homes and we buy their house.

    • Why should I sell to Suto Homes instead of hiring a traditional realtor?

If your home is beautiful, located in a nice area, and you are current with payments and taxes, well quite frankly, you are most likely better off hiring a traditional realtor than selling to us or any other home buyer. However, if your home has issues it will be difficult if not impossible to sell the conventional way, and that’s where we can help.